NSW Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann planned a rally in my suburb on Sunday, to protest against Premier O’Farrell’s deal with the Shooters & Fishers Party (SFP) allowing feral animal control, in selected national parks, by volunteer hunters:



A quick explanation, for interstate readers. The previous NSW Labor government wanted to sell off power stations but were thwarted by an hysterical union campaign, organised by now-Opposition Leader John Robertson:


The power wasn’t sold off but we’re all paying more. Robertson destroyed NSW Labor’s chances at the March 2011 election, in the full knowledge that the incoming Coalition government would sell the stations anyway.  But to do that, Premier O’Farrell had to cut a deal with both the Christian Democrats and the SFP to get the Bill passed. I’m not an SFP member but have known Rob Brown MLC for a long time, and consider him a dear friend:



Back to yesterday’s protest. The rally was supported by the greenies’ funding and recruitment arm being the National Parks Association, who receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in government funding, every year:



And of course the unions, who don’t seem to realise the NSW public have had enough of their BS – particularly in view of last week’s Teacher’s Union strike:



PSA dot Labor dot net, indeed. The first thing to know about this issue is that Barry O’Farrell is no Campbell Newman. Stuck in inflexible thinking, he has never made the connection between his own Party’s traditional hostility to gun owners, and the success of Shooters & Fishers. Without Barry-type attitudes there wouldn’t be a need for Shooters and Fishers – much less the support they attract. Having said that, Mr O’Farrell is a top bloke doing a difficult job, and is someone we all admire here in Wahroonga. And it’s not just Barry anyway, the same Liberal disdain for the outdoor fraternity prompted Bob Katter’s successes in the Queensland election.


The greenies can dish it out but they can’t take it, as proved on Sunday. Like the rest of the country I’m sickened with the lies behind the July 1st commencement of the carbon tax. So, assembling some basic kit – a banner, a megaphone and 50 pamphlets on the facts – off I went into the beautiful sunshine at Wahroonga Park, yesterday morning.



Putting up the banner wasn’t well received. A handful of greenies took it upon themselves to block it from view:



Since the only other people attending were greenies, I’m not quite sure whose sensitivities they were protecting J. I started handing out pamphlets. That received an even worse reception. From the page given out:


The facts: Australia has the worst record of species loss in the world. Over 30 species have become extinct since the arrival of Europeans in 1788. Small Australian marsupials are not equipped to evade or defend themselves against introduced pests like foxes, and feral cats.


Kangaroo Island has a koala plague. They destroy so many gumtrees they need to be culled. Why?


No foxes.


In NSW, koalas have disappeared from much of their original range. Why?


Too many foxes.


One thing that did surprise me today was the number of Parks & Wildlife officers, in uniform:



This is in complete breach of the DECCW (their employer’s) Code of Ethical Conduct, which states:





Some basic grooming would be appreciated, too. Hey pal, this is Wahroonga. And Bob Marley’s long gone. Just let go:



From the pamphlet:


NSW Parks Service wastes millions of dollars on mismanaged helicopter shooting programs every year. In a notorious example, a helicopter owned by ex-Olympic swimmer Grant Kenny was used at enormous cost to shoot less than a dozen pigs at Enngonia in far western NSW, under one of Bob Carr’s idiotic schemes. The helicopter crashed during the operation. Parks over reliance on 1080 poison is a disaster. 1080 is still secondary poisoning months after a baiting program, especially in the desiccated hide of dead feral pigs. Even the most casual observer cannot fail to notice the collapse in wedge tail eagle numbers in parts of the State subjected to 1080 baiting campaigns.


Typical of their screw ups – for instance, pink batts - the greenies PA system wouldn’t work. Meaning the introduction of main speaker Cate was almost inaudible:



It was time to break out the megaphone, and let them have a taste of their own medicine.








Not well received, as you might expect. First of all, some argy bargy:

Then I was crashed tackled by a feral. Had my eye on his manoeuvring, but was unprepared - because he had his little boy with him, and I never thought a father would do something like that, in front of his own son:



After scuffling on the ground – all of which was filmed by a press photographer – the greenie was dragged away by his women folk, small boy in tow. Which at the end of the day is just sad:



Standard stuff from the greenies, and nothing a dab of Dettol didn’t fix. But take care around the one shown below, also seen in the two pics above. She spits:



From the pamphlet, which you can see in her hand:


Cate Faehrmann – or Fear Merchant, as she should be called - is running a campaign of lies to cover up her Party’s failure on endangered species protection.  Volunteer hunting is an effective and inexpensive way of controlling the pests that swarm in national parks – pigs, deer, foxes, wild dogs and feral cats. It’s nothing new, underway in NSW State forests since 2006, Victorian national parks for decades, and in SA and NZ national parks. Talking about fear merchants, when’s the North Shore Times going to acknowledge there’s two sides, to this issue? This week’s coverage is even more biased than that on the Roseville gun shop issue.


Numbers attending were small, especially considering the thousands of dollars in free ads the ABC gave their greenie mates, for this one. But those attending weren’t locals. I mean, c’mon. Purple and brown?



Two of my friends also from Wahroonga who were on hand did not recognise one local, in the smallish crowd. From the pamphlet:


Why Wahroonga? The Greens think our suburb is full of their natural constituents – spoilt bankers wives in silver German cars, and busybody divorcees with three cats at home who have taken ‘natural grey’ to extremes. Let’s show them it’s not true.


So altogether a very worthwhile hour spent, and happy to rain on their parade.  What it all means politically is for others to interpret, but three things are clear:


Faehrmann can’t draw a decent crowd on a sunny Sunday morning, on Sydney’s North Shore;


Either NPWS staff need to be brought into line, or the Ethics Code should be scrapped;


Barry O’Farrell – and Shooters and Fishers – have nothing to worry about.


Thanks for reading,


Andrew Hestelow

Managing Director





Some press coverage, and a short Youtube clip sent in by a friend:


Hunting rally hijacked by carbon protester

AAP | July 1, 2012

A LONE carbon tax protester has hijacked an anti-hunting rally on Sydney's north shore.

About 200 people had gathered at Wahroonga Park this morning to protest against the NSW government's decision to allow recreational hunting in 79 national parks.

But while NSW Greens MP Cate Faehrmann was addressing the crowd, a man with a loudspeaker stepped out from the sidelines and began demanding "apologise for the carbon tax" and "apologise for the dead refugees".

Ms Faehrmann, who was giving her speech without a microphone, could not be heard over the loudspeaker.

The man was booed by the crowd with one protester screaming "apologise for yourself".

He refused to leave when asked by organisers.

Several men pulled him away from the crowd and he was tackled briefly by one protester.

The man later left the rally.

Protesters had organised the rally in Premier Barry O'Farrell's electorate to show their opposition to his deal with the Shooters Party to allow hunting in national parks.

Meanwhile, demonstrators were gathering at Sydney's Hyde Park in the CBD to protest against the tax, which comes into effect today.



Andrew H drowns out Faehrmann on YouTube!!



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