Most of our clients target big fish offshore, and many is the time they’ve asked me for a strong jig and live bait hook they can rely on. Unfortunately, big brand name hooks are too often copied then sold on eBay.

Anglers think they’re getting a great deal but discover the reality soon after hooking a big one:




Basically if the deal is too good to be true it probably isn't. There is one way to get a really good price on hooks. That is, to buy 5000 at a time from a quality factory. When you do that, you get the quality you need and a good price to match.

That's what we've done with our 7/0 straight short shank live bait and jig hooks:




These have a large ring, needed for use with heavy leaders (if required) or Kevlar cord. They are very popular with our commercial jigging clients, who demand the best:




Price is really important, too. We’ve introduced ours at a low price to get them out there so that fishos can discover from personal experience not just what good value they are but good quality, too.


Just $20 for 30 hooks including delivery. That's a good deal.

Try an order? You won't be disappointed: