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Guide to upgrade your drag in a Threadline / Eggbeater reel.


First of all the reel


Undo the drag completely


The drag is situated in the top of this reel.


Remove the drag spring clip


Drag Spring Clip Removed


Remove Drag Washers


Parts of the drag spread out. Remember the order


Separate the drag washers and the drag components


Measure the size or match the outside diameter


Check that it is the correct size. Its better to be slightly smaller than slightly wider.


Cut the first of the three drags. Cut the outer ring first and make sure you can relocate the centre again. The outside can be cut with a Wad punch.

Then relocate the centre and cut out the correct size. This can be done with a hole and eyelet punch.


Lay them out and check that they are the correct size.


Smooth off the edges by holding all the carbontex washers and carefully drag along some smooth grit sandpaper


Now that they are all smooth check for correct thickness.

Original Drag Stack


New upgraded drag


Note that there is some difference in thickness here.

Replace the drag back into the reel and check that the Drag Spring Clip is EASILY situated back into position. You should NOT have to push the drag down to replace the clip. Because this reel had some play in the drag already the slightly thicker drag stack was easily placed into the spool.

If you need to push down on the drag stack to replace the Drag Spring Clip then drag has already been applied and this will reduce "free spool" level. The spool should easily spin with the drag and drag spring clip correctly in place.

If the drag is slightly thicker than the original and can not be placed exactly back then the CENTRE carbontex drag can be remove and replaced with the thinner original drag. This should reduce the overall height and "fix" the problem.

This drag system can be run wet or dry. I prefer to run it wet as this aids in the smoothness of the drag.


Re-assemble the drag knob and check that the spool can easily turn with minimum drag applied.


Now tighten the drag knob down and spin the spool by hand.

This will help seat the new washers and aid in the small amount of "breaking in" required by this new drag.