Buying rods in bulk sight unseen from our suppliers can be a lucky dip. But with our new micro jigging rods I was pretty confident, because  had sent not just pictures but a video of the rod in action on a Rompin sailfish. That was spectacular and got a big response from Facebook readers. Anyway when a big carton arrived from DHL I opened it with a lot of anticipation. And soon after was over the moon at how good these micro jigging rods are. K guides, Fuji reel seat, split butt. The guides are a little larger than on the Gomoku, meaning not as many problems with the braid to mono knot passing through.


Here’s specs:


  • Reel: Lesson 3000. Our No. 1 reel by sales, so popular and so proven. Ten ball bearings so, super smooth winding. Carbontex drag. 5.2:1 gear ratio, only weighs 280 grams. One of the best things about this reel – which often gets over looked, but which I find important – is that it’s got a really comfortable handle for winding.
  • Rod: house brand Bay Jig. Split butt, 6 feet 3 inches, Fuji reel seat, rated to 120 grams and PE3 line. It’s not a key factor (although important to me) that this rod looks really good, too;
  • Line: 200 metres x 6 kilo colour change braid. Drop to the marks showing on your sounder screen. Lift, wind, and bang – you’re on.
  • Total weight (rod reel and line)only 460 grams. Great combo, great price.
  • Price: rod, reel, line complete is $145 with a twelve month warranty on parts and labour.


Cheers, Andy


Here’s Mev giving the new micro jigging combo a workout on a small kingfish, Thursday 4th December 2014.




A few days later and we were back outside, this time light jigging. Up to a wreck off Long Reef and all signs promising good fishing. Clear water, good sounder shows, correctly matched tackle and most importantly, an enthusiastic upbeat crew. Here’s a short clip showing what happened next, three hook-ups in forty seconds:



Most of the kingies were right on the legal mark, with a few around 70cm. On 6 kilo tackle we had some great sport:




Thanks for reading, Andy

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