The biggest development for us this year has been the discovery of Ryobi reels. Light, powerful, reliable and well priced, they check every box on an ‘ideal jigging reel’ list:



I fished with mine all through winter 2015, and was super pleased with results and performance, even though I didn’t catch any monsters:



We imported a few trial shipments after proving the reels’ quality and it wasn’t long before clients were sending positive pics and reports. Here’s Scott Phillips:



And here’s a beauty from Rompin:



Here’s specifications:



Ryobi Warrior 8000

Gear ratio 5:1

Drag 8.0 kilos

Ball bearings 7

Weight 550 grams

Supplied prespooled with 190m 50-pound colour change braid

Polished aluminium colour matched reel knob

Price $155


Check how smooth the drag is under 8 kilos of load – the same drag setting we use for marlin, on 24 kilo line:



One thing to mention? Ryobi is one of those companies continually upgrading their reels and improving performance each time. The current model we supply not only looks great, it’s great to use:




I reckon the reel looks great:



Matching rod is our Hercules 24 kilo 2-piece jig stick. A proven performer:



Here’s our best kingfish on it this year, a 114cm model for Darryl from Sydney’s South Head in November 2015:



Another fantastic development is Roger P catching a marlin on our $125 Hercules jigging rod.



That Hercules rod i got some years back was finally put to a bit of a test, well for me anyway. Just been up to Brissy to fish with a few mates. They had 24kg tiagra outfits set up. I decided to put my saltiga z30 jig reel on the rod and send a lure out as shotgun. Lo n behold a small 35kg black marlin got tagged n released. Cos of the head injury it got from second hook it was tagged swum n set free without getting out of water shot


Rod length is 5.5 feet. I like a short rod with a slow action, where the shock of the strike and fight is absorbed by the whole length of the rod. You should be able to feel the foregrip flexing on a good one. At the end of the day the rod is designed to absorb shock, some models and brands seem to have forgotten that. Being a two piece it can be posted so delivery not expensive:



$275 for rod, reel and line.

Postage at cost but no courier is needed so, cheap delivery.

Send an email or phone for further information and thanks for reading,