Our new snapper combo. I started testing it in April 2014, mainly popping dolphin fish out at the FADS and casting SPs behind when a kingfish hooked up on the downrigger, close in under the cliffs:



Even though nothing big encountered, it was casting poppers out of sight. And distance is really important when you’re casting unweighted live baits or soft plastics. The rod tippy, to store casting energy, but with an even not progressive taper to it, meaning the full length acts as a shock absorber on a good one. A light matching size reel gives the combo a nice balance:


 I took it up to the footy field for some distance testing, to find out exactly what it was capable of:



Results, best out of three casts:


  • 9 inch unweighted soft plastic lure = 41 metres
  • 40 gram micro jig= 64 metres.


Over the moon about that because it proved the concept works. The idea with this combo is light weight and long distance casting but with grunt in reserve- in case you hook a big red. Designed for casting poppers to kingfish, SPs and pilchards to snapper, unweighted live baits for dollies, metals for salmon, all as far as possible. Responsive tip, so light bites can be detected. Specifications on the rod:


  • Length: seven feet
  • Type: spin, two piece, can be mailed meaning delivery not expensive
  • Construction: graphite
  • Rating: 6 - 12 kilo line, 5/8 to 1.5 ounce jig heads
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Price: $80


And the reel:



Model: Seaside SW 5000

  • Weight including line and ball reel knob:   480 grams
  • Drag, 14 kilos waterproof – 5 carbontex and 5 stainless steel washers
  • Line capacity:    240 metres 30-pound colour change braid (included)
  • 25 metres 10-kilo 100% fluorocarbon leader (included)
  • Gear ratio: 5.5:1
  • Ball bearings: 7
  • Price including fitted ball reel knob: $170


So $250 for the combo including rod, reel, colour change braid and fluorocarbon.


Ross posted a positive review on the Facebook page:


I have one of these reels I've had it for 18 months and I have tried to kill it but it seems indestructible. They are well worth the money it feels a lot smoother than my Daiwa Saltist. Mine has landed a 17kg kingfish jigging off Allmark last winter and did it with ease. For anyone who hasn't got one of these reels you should add one to your collection. You won't be disappointed. Tight lines