Black and purple trolling lures

Rigged with hook and leader

4 lures $35.00

Delivery $5.00


In the USA, the Zuker ZF-14 Black & Purple is the number one skirted trolling lure. Our clone is very similar in size and shape but   is rigged ready for use and, way cheaper. Each lure is six inches long, with a heavy gauge stainless short shank trolling hook. Rigged on two metres of 100-pound mono with armour spring loops and crimped at both ends.

Original Zuker lures from Rayanne’s Tackle are $20 each – unrigged, plus delivery.


Ours are $40 for 4 *including delivery.*

Deadly on southern  bluefin, yellowfin, striped tuna and can be trolled at high speed.

For toothy critters like mackerel and wahoo just cut off the nylon leader and run mono wire through the armour spring loops, using the same hook.



Here’s how they work:



Model: Zuker clone

Description: Trolling lure, rigged

Specifications: A copy of arguably the most popular tuna lure of all time. A mix of feathers and plastic skirt makes it ripple and pulse through the water. Optimised hydrodynamic shape means it can be trolled at high speeds (12 knots+) for wahoo. Black/purple colour scheme provides maximum contrast. Shipped pre-rigged with armour spring at rod end ready for snap swivel clip on, and razor sharp short shank stainless steel trolling hook at business end.

Weight: 44 grams

Price: 4 lures for $35

Packaging: clear PVC bag in taped bubble wrap

Delivery: $5