Tuesday 09 OCTOBER 2012

Tackle specials and angling politics

from Downrigger Shop

G’day lads,


Dave R and crew headed to Bermagui, chasing kingfish. They had a ball:

I’ve attached the pics from our trip to Bermi. We jigged for kings for five days straight, with only one day no kings. On our best day we released over fifty kings with three boys jigging. Biggest went 90 cm. Take note of the squid that took fancy to your jigs...we got three in total.

Even when the couta had half stripped the paint off the jigs the kings were still hitting them so don’t be afraid to use them, if they look a little battered. The nannygai was hungry, it had swallowed half your jig, check it out.



Beautiful! Good onya Dave and crew, glad the jigs worked so well for you.

Chris W confirms the kings are back:


Hi Andrew, just a quick note, I boated a good 80cm king on Wednesday down in my usual spot off Marley so looks like they're back in town. I only had a few hours and the rest of the yakkas got hammered by the salmon. Had another good size fish follow a rat to the boat that I hooked on a lure. Water temp has jumped almost a full degree to 17.9 in just a week. Some real good clusters of big fish in small groups on the sounder too. Was too slack to snap any pics but hopefully heading out Wednesday arvo for a serious dig at them. I'll keep you posted.


Please do Chris and very grateful, for the good news.

Matt Reid AKA Mister Kingfish found them too:

Hi Andy got out over the last two weekends and put some nice Kings on the deck. Went to Long Reef and got plenty of nice trevally and some small Kings. Spent Sunday in the Harbour with some strong wind and dirty water which made getting Squid very hard. With the squid we did get, we turned every one of them into some nice Sydney Harbour Kings.

Your rod and reel combo are still going great and making easy work of 90cm fish.

Matty Reid Raptor charters 0404880148

Just sensational mate, it is phenomenal how you are able to constantly produce these top fish for clients no matter what the challenges of water temp and weather. Lads, if you want your first kingie, just give the man a call.

As to the combo, I put up a short video on it last weekend:

As Matt says, when downrigging for kingfish in Sydney Harbour at the moment it’s essential to have the optimum bait, which is of course squid – or slightly better, cuttlefish. The kings are there but the water is still cold and you need something really appealing to get them on the tooth. Here’s how to rig fresh squid so they troll straight, and tempt a kingie to strike.


Firstly, you’ll need some treble hooks. In this case I found some oldies but goodies in the tackle tub: 4/0 Eagle Claws. Original cost was $3.50, for 50 hooks!

Next, a short shank kingfish hook.

You may need to go to 130-pound leader, if kings over 20 kilos are expected.


If you’re not familiar with fluorocarbon, it’s a type of line with a refractive index that makes it invisible, in water. When you drop a fluorocarbon leader over the side of the boat you can see where it enters the water but beneath the surface, nothing can be seen. It’s perfect when chasing predators with really good eyesight, in clear water – trout, Spaniards, and both longtail and yellowfin tuna on bait.vv

You’ll need some lumo tube. Available from most tackle stores, check to make sure your leader will fit inside. And lastly, some braid, any size from 12 to 50-pound will do. You’re ready to go. Cut a piece of tube about 30mm in length and clamp it to the back of the hook shank, using a stationery bulldog clip. Push the leading end through the hook ring, and pass the 80-pound leader – two metres is long enough - through the tube. Then, bind the tube to the hook shank using the braid, and finish off with a few half hitches.

At the business end, the treble is crimped or tied to the trace. If crimping the trace: after running the tag end of the leader through the hook eye and back up through the crimp, cook it to melting point using a cigarette lighter. Then, just as it starts to cool, tap the heated end of the leader against the side of the lighter, to make a flat flange.

This will prevent the tag end being drawn back, through the crimp – assuming the crimp is the correct size. For the reel end of the trace, there are two options. You can tie the leader straight onto your braid using an Albright knot, or similar. My personal preference is to crimp on a brass ring, to which the braid is directly tied. I just find this faster and more reliable, especially in rough weather when the boat deck is moving around. To finish, dab the whipped braid with half a drop of super glue. Then coil the trace and secure with a piece of garden tie, ready for use.

Lastly, baiting up the live squid slider. Large single 7/0 goes through the top of the hood. That's the tow hook. Treble goes just under the loose skin between the eyes. That's the one they usually hook up on:

This is a deadly rig. If you’re having any trouble making it, send me an email. Or, stop by and check it out at the Tinnie and Tackle/4WD Show at Eastern Creek Sydney, this weekend. We’ll be there:

Greg Reid says St Georges Basin is heating up:




Too right it is, Greg. Great to hear from you and keep these updates coming, St Georges Basin is the place to be – since shallow water warms quickest. Fitz has a question maybe one of our readers can help with:


From: Peter Fitzgerald

Sent: Saturday, 6 October 2012 10:08 AM

To: Andrew Hestelow, Stelco Pty Ltd

Subject: NMEA 0183 Lowrance cable.


Andrew, I am having trouble sourcing this cable in Western Australia, do you have any contacts in the east that may be able to help me?


Fingers crossed, Pete!

Jervis Bay correspondent Dave T tells of an interesting occurrence, at the Huskisson boat ramp:


Hi Andrew an amazing experience today at the boat ramp. Three of the local fishos came in with 2 gummy sharks as per picture. As they were cleaning the catch they noticed one had 7 big babies. They got them out quickly and put them in the warm water at base of the ramp. We all watched as these tiny sharks came to life and as far as we know 5 of them made it to deeper water safely. Have never seen this happen before so thought we'd share it with you. Regards from JB, Dave and Kate


Fascinating! You never know what’ll happen next, in this way of life we enjoy so much.

Dave Clarke took a trip down memory lane:

Just a quick note to fill you in on my road trip to Yamba and back. I’m stoked I went, as Tuesday I fished a section of the Orara river I used to fish ten years ago and caught and released 40+ Bass, absolutely smashed it. Was by myself for that session so pictures are of fish and my arm.

Next day couple of mates and I managed to find a few duskies in one of the back channels on the Clarence near Mclean.

Thursday I went out with Wooli Charters and although it was a beautiful day out on the water and I took some of your jigs the fish were few and far between, has been like that for a little while –they say. Oh well that’s why they call it fishing……I could have left after the first day on the river and still been a happy man!!


Well mate you have got me SO FIRED UP I’ve cleared the decks for a bass sesh, on Tuesday afternoon. What a great result, considering you were fishing off the bank.

Mark Way from Kiama GFC has an update, on his new boat:

Here is updated Sea Eagle pic. Still work to do but getting there! On the vertical pic, note the Kiama GFC Gantry in background between riggers. Doesn't get used a lot these days as we tag mostly.

Mark, it just looks so businesslike. Can’t wait to see what she produces, this summer.

Luca P is selling his rig, and asked if I could mention it to readers. No problem, Luca:

Just wondering if you could put my boat add in your weekly report as it is all decked out for fishing and i know that you have a huge network of keen fishos that may be interested in buying it. Thanks and regards, Luca

Polycraft 5.99 Frontier with Suzuki 140hp 4-stroke

The boat has a Furuno FCV-620 fish finder and Lowrance Elite-5 DSI GPS chartplotter and structure scan.

Boat also has Hella Marine LED deck lights and cab LED lights.

2 plumbed live bait tanks. Epirb. 27 meg and VHS radios. Fusion CD and mp3 radio

Boat and Trailer have 12 months Rego. Boat and trailer serviced every 6 months

I am after $30000 for it. My number is 0418266573


Good luck, Luca!

 I sold my Portabote to reader Rod last month. After a cleanup, he and his son Hayden took it for a test run yesterday:

They threw in a rod while out on the lake, as you do:

While testing the boat we scored 4 stud reddies & Hayden caught this nice Rainbow jack trout.


Words fail me. WHAT.A. BEAST. You two are like Doomsday Machines, when it comes to fish.

Chris W from South West Rocks knows my dirty secret:


Hi Andrew, I'm not sure if I have already sent this to you. I found it when I was trawling through old files in my computer. I heard you have a Seafarer fetish and thought you might like this for your collection.  This photo of my boat was taken at the protest rally at Fish Rock nearly two years ago.


Hey! It is not a fetish, I’ll have you know. Dr Brownlowe described it in medical terms as a ‘disgusting obsession’, and he said I’d grow out of it. Of course, that was thirty years ago. Nice V-Sea pic by the way, it’s pinned up on my bed head and covered in drool marks already.

 Our Texas correspondent writes in:


After reading about the catch at "North Texas" I felt I had to respond with a picture of a catch in the real North Texas. Enclosed picture is from friend and entrepreneur Ken Pennington, (The guy with the cigar). This was after a successful day at Lake Texoma on the Texas-Oklahoma border. As you can see, there was a mess of Striper Bass and some happy Texans. If any of the readers are in the Dallas area, Ken runs a great sports bar and cigar emporium at Elite Cigar Cafe at the corner of Midway Rd and Beltline Rd in Addison Texas. All will be welcomed in typical Texas fashion, Kevin


‘Sports bar and cigar emporium.’ That sounds SO good! Nice to hear from you, Kevin.

Richard McNee has a question about fish ID:



Young Jack caught this fish yesterday, but we have been unable to identify it.  Solid jaws with impressive teeth.  After bugging several less qualified experts, we are calling in the big guns.


Long Tom, hopefully the first of many beakies to come. PS did you name him after a Mangrove Jack? Because that would be a nice touch. J

To politics, and Peter R has a report on the greenie/animal libber protest outside NSW Parliament House this weekend just past:


You may be interested in this video.  Massive protest outside parliament house re shooting in national parks & livestock exports, among other issues. No mention of wildfires, the biggest killer of wildlife, alongside feral predators. Couldn't muster 50 people out of a population of over 4.5 million people.

WOW what a flopperoo. Hey greenies, someone has to tell you:

A disturbing story, for those who trust politicians. Ben L writes, from Sydney:


G'Day Andy,


I was shocked and deeply saddened to receive advice today that whole of Magic Point, South Maroubra has been closed to all forms of bait fishing under the auspices of protecting grey nurse sharks. The tragic closure that happened at South West Rocks has now been replicated in the middle of Sydney.


South Maroubra is an iconic Sydney fishing location and one of the very few sports that can be fished safely from the rocks in a southerly swell. I know of at least two Marlin caught at South Maroubra but have never heard of or seen a GNS being hooked by a bait fisherman in this area.  I live within 500m of this spot and there was no consultation with me as a local angler.

I'd appreciate you notifying your readers of this issue that was not well broadcast. I would encourage all to write to local members, the media and take any other steps to try and have this decision reversed.



Thanks, Ben. Sickening stuff, but all too typical of this arrogant Fisheries Minister Hodgkinson, who’s out to lunch while her department runs their anti-angler agenda. In the run up to the election in March 2011 some big commitments were made to the outdoor fraternity. In particular, for fishos and boaties, the current Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner and current Ports Minister, Duncan Gay, made some powerful commitments to our people at the South West Rocks meeting, held just before voting day:

Where’s the evidence that grey nurse sharks at Magic Point are at risk, Duncan?


How did you give local people – like Ben – a proper say in your decision, Andrew?


Something relevant below from our horse riding friends, on the Monaro. ‘MOU’ refers to the Memorandum of Understanding the Kosciusko horseriders had with the NSW government, which is now being trashed:

That’s right, just what we’ve seen so many times before. Liberals and Nationals made plenty of promises to the public about marine parks. Here’s Leslie Williams, then a candidate for the seat of Port Macquarie, now an MP:


Calls for a written guarantee of no more marine parks


The Nationals Candidate for Port Macquarie says local fisherman have a right to be concerned about the possibility of more marine parks in the region. Leslie Williams says the Environment Minister has said he will not establish any new marine parks in the electorate. But she says the Premier has backflipped on her original decision to support a marine park moratorium.


Ms Williams says local fisherman don't trust the Labor Government.


"On the one hand we have Frank Sartor saying he won't establish a marine park in the Port Macquarie electorate, although he has failed to put that in writing to the local combined fishing clubs," she said.


"And then on the other hand we have Kristina Keneally backflipping on her original indication to support the marine park moratorium."


Tell us more about backflips, Leslie? Since you won government, Ministers like Hodgkinson have been sucking up to the greenies with every decision made, and refusing to sack politico-greenies (like Bill Talbot) in their departments. How has that tactic worked for the Coalition in the past?

Does bribing the greenies work, Duncan?

Do they support you at election time, Andrew?

When you need them are they there for you, Katrina?


Do they repay your generosity with preferences, Barry?


Andrew Hestelow

Managing Director