Thursday 11 APRIL 2013

Tackle specials and angling politics

from Downrigger Shop

G’day lads,



The family that downrigs together, stays together J. Bruce, Belinda and James Rayment:



We continue to do well on the Kingfish with your downrigger. We scored 8 on Saturday 6th, a few rats, 3 @ 65-70cm, 1 of 71 and 1 of 82cm

a new family PB. The 71 and 82 were tagged and released. Eldest son James continues to score bigger Kings than dad!


Beautiful. I sat in front of the screen admiring this one for about ten minutes until the phone rang, Bruce. The golden dawn light, shining through her tail fins. Perfectly proportioned body, neither over nor underweight (much like myself.) And knowing she went back in, to pass her genes on to another generation, is the icing on the cake. Bruce adds:


  The ANSA Sydney Sportfishing Tournament was won by South Sydney AFA from St.George Sportfishing Club. Notable Capture was a 5.66kg Flathead on 1kg by Ron from St. George which was weighed and released back into the waterway from which it was caught.


This one?



Hi Andrew, for a change of pace/species, attached is a pic of a 97cm 5.66kg Flathead I caught last weekend on 1kg pretested nylon line in the Hacking River which won the Estuary division of the Sydney ANSA Convention.   This will also be entered as a new NSW line class record beating my current one which was 5.64kg.   As always, she was kept alive in tank shown in pic and later released.

I also got one 3.19kg which came second.


Change of pace/species? Ron, that could be misinterpreted as meaning there are too many kingfish pics, in the weekly report J. Congratulations champ, it is incredible how you are blitzing the comps this summer with these whopper flathead on light gear. Joel Duggan brought a studly dudley aboard, for a quick cellphone pic:



Just by the way gents we’re working on what should be a helpful improvement to our downrigger, a weight hook on the boom arm:



And a boat steering wheel type drag tensioner. A lot more drag power and easier to use, when your hands are slippery:



Lastly, today I ordered one thousand HD vinyl gloss stickers, like the ones on Matty Reid's boat. Here's a crappy camera phone pic, they'll be free to good homes when they arrive later this month:



Will keep everyone posted, as things progress. Hardcore kingie hunter Nathan Love brings home the gold:



Hey Andrew, thanks for the pricing on the 100gm jigs, will order some stuff tonight/ tomorrow. I finally got out and had a go at the latest school of "unstoppable" kings, hooked this guy in 13m, but he played fair and thanks to some good driving by my mate we managed to extract it from the reef. Plenty of straightened hooks, shredded 200lb jinkai and red faces on the other boats over the weekend

gotta love kings in the 1m+ category!!


 Thirteen metres. The big boys have been in that depth or less all summer, Nathan. Good job! Hearing about crazy times at Old Man’s Hat on Sunday morning, when a school of hungry yellows moved through and every man and his dog hooked up. Steve Wilson was there – of course:



Hi Andrew, I think everyone who was at Nth Head on Sunday morning hooked up.

A crazy half hour as the school moved through. These two went 79, 82.


Let’s get this straight. You caught two solid kings out of the yak, gilled and gutted them, went home, cleaned up, put on the Downrigger Shop polo shirt, and got the little lady to take a pic for the report? That is SO ABOVE and beyond the call of duty Steve, I really do owe you one. I owe Anton one too, for this killer Portland report:



Thought I’d add something different to the weekly kingfish report! ;) (we love your work btw!)



Great way to open the Tuna season with Arthur, Anton, Cindy, Jess and Eren hit Portland over the weekend and had great light line fun on the SBTs and albies at Portland



The pic with the bright Lumo bullet is my missus with her first SBT, she's already looking to get her own 10kg game rods now!





Hi Andrew, don’t suppose you want a little report from out west in Exmouth? The crazy run of little black marlin we’re having this year isn’t just confined to the Pacific coast. Plenty of little blacks about over in the Indian Ocean as well. I was out on Saturday and went 3-2-2 on little guys around the 20kg mark, and heard over the radio one of the other boys managed 7 for the day.


‘Do I want an Exmouth report.’ Are the Kennedys gun shy? Mate, I click ‘send and receive’ on the email, especially on Monday morning, and it’s so exciting. Here’s a pic of my ECG chart when yours and Steve’s emails downloaded:



The third spike is when I opened our electricity bill. Ben, congratulations on the first issue of Fish NSW. It strikes a perfect balance between how-to and adventure fishing stories.  Herb and Steve Lonsing fished Portland too. It’s the place to be right now:



Young Steve Lonsing hooked up to a good one  around 30kg... found the blue fin 55km out as the crow flies on the 1000 metre line...A long way to go in a 1800 Tournament...  A solid days fishing we used only 89 litres on the 130 Etec and I covered more than 120 km. Not exactly a duckpond either in the Southern Ocean!


Looks like he’s calm, collected, and in control, Herb. Andy W sent this pic (from Richardson Marine) of Portland boat ramp early Saturday morning. Apparently 350 trailer boats launched that day is some kind of record. By crikey this is so exciting:



Brendan sent in a selection of pics from his summer off Brisbane. Isn’t this a cracker:



Hi Andrew thanks for the prompt reply. I will do the order tomorrow if thats OK with the 15kg line- thanks.

Here is a selection from some recent outings Cheers Brendan


Of course it is, especially if I can deliver in person. How about this mahi, lads:



I was a bit down on Tuesday, after getting soaked to the skin off North Head with only one kingfish (on a Head Start, by the way) to show for it. No joke, looking through the pictures file for this week’s report lifted the mood immeasurably. Thanks, Doctor Brendan!  Mentioned kingfish in shallow water, earlier. How’s this, a solid one straight off the Kiama bricks:



Hi mate just gaffed this nice king for my brother off the rocks at Kiama.

It took a live squid on 24kg reefed him twice, kingy steaks on the BBQ tonight


Pete Hodgkins, haven’t you covered yourself in glory. Am I right in thinking you backed up SAME DAY on My Way, at the Banks:




My Way went out Sunday and trolled down to banks without luck and getting to Banks found the current raging with fishing difficult, so we headed closer in of Black Head and tagged a small Hammerhead for Peter Hodgkins with a feed of Reds, flathead and a good mowie.


Scary. Just dang scary. Mark Way reminds me that the Blowhole Tournament is on this weekend, and the way the place has been fishing lately who wouldn’t want to be a part of that:



Kiama Leagues Club Blowhole Big Fish Classic is on this weekend with good weather for competitors and over $20,000 in prizes to be won including a $1,000 cash for Heaviest Marlin over 200kgs. Briefing is Friday night starting at 7.30pm sharp! Late entries at $90 per boat will be accepted up to start of briefing. Tournament dinner is Saturday night 7.30pm with both functions at Kiama Leagues Club as usual.



I wrote to one of the nicest blokes in the charter fishing business, being Stan Young from Wooli, this week. The mission - get out to North Solitary Island, for some pelagic action. He promised to send a pictorial report:



Hi Andrew here’s that fish photo I was telling you about, caught him on a soft plastic outfit. Regards Stan.


Good on you Stan, can’t wait to get back to Wooli. Some inquiries this week for reel knobs to fit Shimano reels. Firstly, Anthony B:


Hi Andy, I’m the man after the reel knobs, X 5 in larger size. If you could send me some photos of what you have I will order, Cheers Mate, Anthony.



Then Rick:


Hi there I was looking at your handle knobs. I have a Shimano rarenium 4000FA do you have one that will suit this reel handle? And could you advise me of the colour combination as I will definitely purchase one through your site.


No problem! Here’s what’s in stock at the moment. 4500 size and over on the left, 4000 size and under on the right:





hi Andrew, scott from WA here.  Here are a couple of pictures of samsonfish and queen snapper. Will fine some dhufish photos and email later. Please note all fish were caught in 15-20mts water


 That’s fantastic, Scott. The mind boggles as to how hard those brutes would have fought, in shallow water.  On Wednesday, Mike Sutton responded to the pic of the big bluefin tuna by saying he was heading to Portland chasing them. On Thursday he arrived at the front and went straight into action:



Good one. When it’s on fire, you gotta go. Stuart Adams stopped by for some braid ahead of a two week trip to South West Rocks, with me begging him for some pics and a paragraph. How’s this, for a nice rig:



John Ford, from Merimbula GFC, keeping us updated on their Anzac weekend competition:



Andrew, maybe you could include this poster in the next newsletter. It’s a great event over Anzac weekend and we would love to see some Sydneysiders come down.


Yes it is a great event and if I wasn’t cooking breakfast at our local Anzac Day commemoration I would be there in a shot. Grant Rand has been a bit quiet as regards report contributions, lately. Turns out he’s got a good excuse:



Hi Andy attached a pic of a snapper taken 2 weeks ago at Port Stephens on plastic. Sorry I didn’t get it across earlier but with the fallow and red deer rut close approaching I’ve got a bad case of buck fever.


My deepest sympathy cobber, I have experienced the internal psychological turmoil you are struggling with. Doctor Andy’s prescription? Day one, the hills. Day two, the reefs. Repeat as necessary. This problem’s a bit harder to deal with - razor clams, in Lake Macquarie:



Dave Hume, sorry to miss last week’s talk at the Time & Tide Hotel:


Hi Andrew, I do enjoy receiving your fishing reports and am disappointed I missed your presentation for Warringah Anglers Club last night.  I hope it went well for you.  Unfortunately my wife pulled a last minute trump card and I needed to look after the kids.  Need to keep the wife happy!  “Happy wife, happy life”!  Please do let me know if you are doing any similar presentations.  The one at Dee Why was perfect as it was literally around the corner.


Very kind of you to say so Dave, I enjoyed it very much and the members seemed to find it interesting. If you’d like me to stop by your club meeting, just drop me a line? It doesn’t have to be in Sydney either. To politics, and Dave Rowbotham sent a link to video from NSW Fisheries, of the artificial reef off South Head. Spot your snagged jigs:



Andrew, have you seen this? I swear you can see a couple of my jigs decorating it!



Swarms of fish including kingies and trevally swimming around the structure. The question is, why hasn’t every port got one of these, or one in the planning stages? They would be brilliant for places like Newcastle and Wollongong, where offshore structure is limited. Our Man in the Sand at JB writes in with a philosophical question:


Hi Andrew, can’t believe the mentality of some fishos down here. It has got to the stage where people that know that we write a report to you now and then are reluctant to tell us what fish they catch and where, in case it encourages other fishos to come down here and fish in their spot!!!!.


I was wondering if you have the same problem in Sydney or is it only the JB crowd that thinks that fish don’t move around.

It does not worry us, we find it laughable.


It sure is a strange attitude that some of our so called friends have.  Very territorial!! Perhaps it is a JB thing. If our reports seem vague on the fishing front it can be because the “clam up “ thing is happening down here.


Sorry to hear that Dave, but I am aware of the syndrome. Let me tell you how the reverse works, and how fantastic it has been for us up here in Sydney? This account only relates to kingfish, but I know how important they are at JB too.


They are a pretty predictable species, however not predictable as regards where they might turn up. Here in Sydney, we have a multiplicity of options in that regard. One day, the 80-100 metre reefs might be firing – the Peak, or the Twelve Mile. Two days later kingies are at Long Reef in twelve metres of water, because the current is pumping from the north bringing clear, fresh blue and plenty of bait. The next day, the current has backed off, the kingfish have dissipated, but the word is there are some at Murphys or the wreck off Ben Buckler.



For instance, Mick’s up at Long Reef already, and tells me things are quiet. Thanks Mick, you just saved me $40 in fuel. A trip from Roseville to Long Reef and return is around 32 nautical miles, a lot further than most people think. I tell Mick that instead of coming up to Longie I will go jig the wreck, and report back. We get to the wreck and hook up on a couple, but it’s not on fire. I call Mick and pass on that intel. It’s up to him to decide whether to leave Long Reef, or stay on station. There’s maybe six to ten people I’m doing this with now. We all benefit enormously, not just in increased catches, but in time and fuel saved.


This idea that, if someone else finds out that kingfish are holding on the Centurion (for instance) means that they will be catching (your) kingfish is just ridiculous. I have taken some flak on the forums for arguing this, but most blokes understand. What I am thinking of doing is taking a UHF handheld on the boat. That way, the kingie mafia could have its own radio networkJ Dave, how’s this for sheer silliness? The Daily Telegraph:


Fisheries setting traps for illegal anglers


by:Richard Noone

From:The Daily Telegraph

April 08, 201312:00AM


The ex-HMAS Adelaide artificial dive site/ Pic: Robb Westerdyk Source: The Daily Telegraph


NSW Fisheries will continue to use covert surveillance to monitor illegal fishing within the 200m exclusion zone surrounding the ex-HMAS Adelaide artificial dive site.


The wreck off Avoca Beach on the Central Coast has become so successful in attracting not only small local reef species but prize game fish such as silver trevally


Yep, those prize game fish, silver trevally. J Maybe best for the DT to run fishing stories past Al McG first? The greenies showed their contempt for our culture yet again, this week:



From: Nature Conservation Council []

Subject: Nature News Online, April 10, 2013


Fishing amnesty undermines conservation and the rule of law




The NSW government’s extraordinary announcement that it would turn a blind eye to illegal fishing from beaches and headlands in marine sanctuary zones undermines marine conservation and the rule of law in NSW.


‘Illegal fishing.’ Have you ever heard such arrogance? Let’s remember that these fanatics demanded these marine parks from Labor to supposedly protect endangered species like grey nurse sharks. But now we see they want all angling banned – squidding, or blackfishing. But the question is, what did Labor get in return? Check this out, from a few years ago:


It’s an old leaked internal greens document showing where they supported the ALP and how their preferences flowed to Labor, in tightly held seats. For payback, the greenies get more land and sea national parks. Note that the Nature Conservation Council and the Total Environment Centre receive government funding.




Greenies, funded by Labor, to lobby Labor for marine parks. And at election time, to campaign in key Labor seats, and to direct preferences to the ALP.


Seriously my friends, is there anyone left who thinks the greenies are about protecting the environment?

Because if you know someone like that, tell them to give themselves a good uppercut.

Until next week thanks so much for your support and PLEASE –

keep the pics and reports coming in.

It is all genuinely fascinating and our readers count on you, for contributions. Cheers,


Andrew Hestelow

Managing Director