Thursday 27 JUNE 2012

Tackle specials and angling politics

from Downrigger Shop

G’day lads,


If you’re passing, please stop by our stand and say hello! To fishing, and Tim has been chasing both kingfish, and southern bluefin tuna:

I was down fishing Bermi on Saturday and ended up with a 7-7-6 on the Bluefin. All fish were around the 30-40kg range. We had a 5 way hook up at one point and managed to land them all. (released 3 and kept 3 for the day). Below is a link to the clip I put together on my Youtube page…

All fish were straight out the front around the 150.40 line. All fish caught on the troll, however heaps of boat were getting them on the jig whilst cubing. I am going to send you some photos of kings that have been caught off Sydney on your jigs.

Well done Tim and glad to hear the jigs are working so well for you! Chased SBT myself today, we had a tough day but Al McG caught a 100 kilo specimen out at Heatons.

Matt Reid fished Cowan Creek in Sydney, on the weekend:



Fished Waratah Bay Saturday arvo with well over 30 other boats. We started the arvo in another spot getting some small yakkas where we also got trevally and leatherjacket. Back to the bay where we set up for a cold night and we scored some nice hairtail. Back at the ramp at 9:30 Matty Reid RAPTOR CHARTERS  0404880148


Excellent mate, but we need to work on your photography skillz!

I had a nice afternoon in Cowan on Sunday too:



Downrigged for kingies, after getting a whisper from a client they were there, but all we found was salmon:

Not the biggest fish in the world, but I had a ball. And he went nuts, on our light combo:

Lads, you don’t need pics of monster fish to get a mention in the weekly report. If you’ve been chasing bream, flatties or squid, let’s hear about it.


For our Sydney readers waiting for Roseville boat ramp to reopen as promised in July, don’t hold your breath. Here’s a pic I took on Tuesday:

J Dave T has a point to make about the groper pics from last week:


 Just to clarify a couple of things.....2 locals caught a groper each but the other chap was busy and in a rush to get home, As far as the Blue fin, our friend Randall who caught the 69kg fish, felt it may be up to the Mcglashan crew to post photos since they went out no pic from us.


Thanks for putting me straight, Dave! His report from this week:


The weather has not been kind and fishing has been a bit "slim". Randal and Angelo had fun out snapper fishing and found a few up at the Drum. The snapper frames are destined for fish stock for Angelo's chowder.  Have seen a few kingies still coming in and bonito and Salmon are still around but few and far between because the water temp has dropped right down. It would seem the Bay has gone into hibernation for now, even the humble flathead have shut down. Time to get on with boat maintenance instead of fishing it seems. Cheers from chilly Jervis Bay, Dave and Kate


Good on you, Dave! We need one of those concealed game cams at Husky ramp, imagine the footage we’d get.

J A little further south to Bermagui, and Mark Way from Kiama GFC has some welcome news, on the SBT

Blues, Blues, Blues!

Not the state of origin chant but the chorus at Bermagui with Mega Bluefin Tuna on a hot bight and a "carpark" full of boats out on the seamount. Kiama members Greg Barea, Sondal Bensan and Ramoun Lazar, joined Jamie and Paul Bezzina on "Irish Eyes" to get stuck into some huge Bluefin Tuna action with 126kg (combo effort with Paul n Jamie) on 37kg; 97.6 kg  on 37kg to Ramoun Lazar and 33kg on 24kg to Greg Barea. ….. hopefully these fish will move up to Kiama with cold water in coming weeks?? ….. time to get pillies and 37kg outfits on the ready for when they turn up out here. Mark Way

Speechless! Look at the size of those monsters.

 Across the country, and Jon has a tackle request, accompanied with some beaut pics of Samson and dhuies:

G'day mate, very impressed with the jigging combo's you have for sale and had a few questions. I live over in Perth, WA and am chasing a lighter combo for some snapper/dhuies/demersals on plastics being able to handle the occasional big samson fish…. how much would the 6ft Saltiga Rod, the Daiwa reel (without braid) and a round black bling handle like you have on your setup and postage to postcode 6009 set me back?


$190 for the Saltiga JG-60 jig rod and

$220 for the Daiwa 4500T, with bling handle.


Thanks so much for sending these beautiful pics, Jon. I think you’ll be very pleased with the gear.

Still in WA, and Fitz went crabbing this week:


Fitz, just checking: you’re a single man, right?

J Stan from Wooli Charters writes in, with news of a big one from the NSW north coast:


Hi Andrew, just thought I’d send you some photos as I promised, the king took about 15 to 20 minutes to land on 50lb braid. Regards Stan.


I’ll bet it did. Nice one, Stan.  Dan A has a question I couldn’t help with, maybe one of our readers knows the answer?


Thank you for your quick service. I have been in the marine industry for over 13 years now and will be recommending your store to many others. I was just wondering if you had rod holder that are inserted in normal rod holder that I can put my rods in near horizontally (about 35deg) so I can set my rods in them as outriggers from my tinnie. If not do you know where I can get them?


Unfortunately not! But for sure one of our readers will, Dan.


Look at this barrel:

Some good news but unfortunately no pics, from Herb re Sydney Offshore:


Hi Andy, fished today and the 12 mile is holding fish. We jigged for half an hour on our way to hunt tuna. A couple of 68cm kings and a couple of teethy coutas. Only lost 1 jig in the time while hooked up  so dunno if jacket or teeth. Browns is holding lots a blue eye, a couple of charters bagged out! Got an alby about 8kg on the cubes then headed in, Not sure if any fin were caught, wasn’t much chatter for tuna. I know how much you love jigging the 12 and bottom bashing at browns.  What’s an electric setup worth for bottom bashing Browns?  Cheers Herbie

Greg Moon fished high in the mountains in the last weekend of the trout season and took the family with him. Would you believe some of the teenagers decided to go for a swim???

Here’s a few trout pics from mountain trip:

many of them decided swimming was the go, I just shivered and watched

Beautiful! The Jensen Insect, one of the all time great lures. As to swimming in a trout stream in winter, words fail me Greg.

Kevin Lithgow just got back from a big adventure off Bundaberg, and was kind enough to send in an update:


Hi Andrew, this weekend myself and two mates that spear loaded up the car and headed to Bundy and then out wide about 80km off shore in a 550 BR Haines (most people think we’re that mad to go that far off shore for 2-3 days at a time).

The weather was a bit rubbish on Saturday and rained most fo the arvo and right through the evening so was fun having to pull a tarp over the boat at night but we were rewarded with loads of trout on Sunday.

14 trout between 3 of us caught and speared. The Shark Mackerel was caught on my Daiwa Certate 3000 (with carbontex upgrade washers from you), Daiwa Luvias 701MFS with 20lbs, lost a heap of decent fish into the reef but hey you can’t win them all in 8-14m of water.

I asked him how he managed Number Twos with three days on a small boat, and on hearing the answer was sorry I’d asked:


HAHAHAH Hold on for dear life for 3 days. My body has become adapted to it and make sure you go before leaving land



Three days! I’m getting twinges downstairs, just from thinking about that.

Graham Pike sourced some carbontex for us, and came up with a great method for cutting out the drag washers.


Andrew, I phoned today asking about carbontex sheet thinner than your normal 1mm stock. You said that you had some photos regarding a method to sand the sheet down that you could email me. I would also like to purchase some 0.5mm sheet when you have it in stock. Please send me an email when it arrives and I will buy some. Attached are some photos of a rough punch that I made. Used in the proper way on timber end grain, it appears to cut well.


That’s a beaut idea. Good on you, Graham.

All around top bloke Captain Roscoe from MV Signa Charters at Kiama took a boatload of blokes - and I do mean, blokes - out wide, on the weekend. They brought home some deepwater ooglies:

Mick’s Motley Crew were back with chicken kebabs for lunch and the rolls were buttered by Mrs Mick this time (better job than his daughter last time). We headed out to bottom fish the shelf and the first fish on board was a 6ft long ribbon fish. This was followed by gemfish, more ribbon fish, one green eye shark, one nannygai then more gemfish. Mick ended up angler of the day and Branco got largest/longest with a ribbon fish.

Embarrassed to say I’m not sure who sent in this pretty funny video of a charter skipper removing a large treble, from a clients’ thumb. He does it perfectly but is not so good on patient psychology, so by the time he’s ready to go the punter concerned has had some heavy shots of bourbon:

Bret from HOT Fishing at Bermagui sent through this great little video of a bunch of blokes having a ball on the bluefin last weekend. They kept a few, and released some monsters, this is what it’s all about:

lad who jigged up a bunch last year  is coming and bringing photos I'll try and get a good one over the weekend for you cheers bret


To politics, and if you’ve ever wondered who’s on our side in Parliament, take a look at Barnaby Joyce’s speech on last week’s marine parks declaration:


Labor’s latest foray into their key policy objective of closing things down can now be seen in the oceans of our coast. It is perplexing when trying to go beyond the usual roll out of the rhetoric of imminent environmental destruction to find exactly what they believe is a problem.

Australia extracts less than 30 kilograms of fish per square kilometre from our ocean territory, compared to a global average of 755 kilograms per square kilometre. We are an island continent surrounded by fishing grounds but we now import 72% of our seafood as we close down our capacity to feed ourselves.


We get most of our fish from Thailand, China and Vietnam, and all of these countries extract more than 5,000 kilograms per square kilometre, around 200 times our rate of extraction. Try and buy a fish caught in Australian waters, you will be searching, and now it is going to become even harder.


Burke was a smoking wreck when Barnaby was done with him, so NSW Ports and Roads Minister Duncan Gay hopped into the ring, to finish him off:


The Hon. Duncan Gay: ….. I, like others, saw the Federal Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, announcing a huge new marine park ringing Australia. My thoughts were, "Here it is, putting out the garbage at the end of the week." That announcement was the first anyone knew about it. My colleague the Minister for Primary Industries received her information on this issue via the television. That is not consultation. This is not about saving the environment; this is about saving the Federal Labor Government. It is typical of the deals that are done by the Federal Government.


Exactly, Duncan. Queensland Senator Ron Boswell:


Thanks for all you do, Ron. And we’ll let the wire do the talking, to Minister Burke:

But sadly there are still some people who don’t get it, and that includes Damon from Nomad Fishing. Like others I could name he thought he had an understanding with Burke, and he got shafted big time:


The Full Story started over 3 years ago, and I've been involved the whole way, with many many meetings with the heads of the environment department and other various scientists, culminating in a meeting with the Federal Environment Minister, Mr Tony Burke, about 4 weeks ago. I hate to get political, but I can only tell you what I've seen in this process and what I've been told by the various government representatives along the way…..


You ‘hate to get political’, Damon. That’s why you lost.


…. we need marine reserves, and properly managed marine parks in Australia, but they must be implemented with conservation and access for low impact activities as their primary goals, not be implemented just to keep green groups happy.


He ignored them. How likely is it he cares about your operation? Max Rheese has got Burkes’ number:


"Let's recap. The Prime Minister solemnly declares we need to cut 'green tape' and projects a vision for Australia to feed Asia. Her former agriculture and fisheries minister and ex-Wilderness Society campaigner Tony Burke, now wearing the cloak of environment minister, who launched an as-yet-unseen national food plan two years ago, is busy removing as much water from food producers as is politically possible."


Yep, Burke was a Wilderness Society campaigner. Do Damon Olsen, Allan Hansard, Jim Harnwell and the like have any idea how hardcore Green you have to be, for that job? Ask Peter R, who writes in with an update on the hate filled wilderness campaigners, in southern NSW:

Just to let you know that things have been pretty quiet down here after January's harvesting machine sabotage and break-ins. A few court matters have or are in the process of being cleaned up.

The 2 ladies (Harriett Swift & Suzanne Foulkes) featured in the attached link were recently convicted and fined about $300 each

….  I enjoy your emails Andrew.  The marine parks stuff is scary.  The process is the same as that used to cripple the native forest industry over the past 20 years.  Science is irrelevant to most pollies.  Mustering votes is the only thing they understand.


Particularly shocking for me because I … well, let’s just say I passed an important milestone in the rear seat of a 180B, back in the day.

So now it’s personal!

J Lads, forget about Damon’s petition, and related time wasting nonsense. Burke holds the seat of Watson, in Sydney’s inner west:

He’s got a big margin, 59% of the votes after Greens preferences. The swing against him was 9.9%, at the 2010 election:

With the Greens picking up 9.6% of the vote in Watson. Connect the dots Damon and maybe you’ll figure out who’s more important to Burke’s future: you, or those 9.6% Greens. Here’s a suggestion of what we can do, to defend our sport. Write a letter to your local Federal MP, hand writing or typed page best. No emails. Put your home address at the top of the letter, so he or she knows you are a local voter. Example, to a Liberal or National Party MP:


Thinking about the marine park closures announced by Environment Minister Tony Burke last week.


My family and I are keen anglers and we are upset to see a minority Government ban fishing over such a large area, without any genuine consultation. Could you please let me know whether you would support a Bill to overturn the declarations, should the Coalition win Government at the next election?


If the answer is yes, please list me as a supporter prepared to campaign for you at election time.


To a Labor MP:


Thinking about the marine park closures announced by Environment Minister Tony Burke last week.


My family and I are keen anglers and we are upset to see a minority Government ban fishing over such a large area, without any genuine consultation. Could you please let me know whether you would lobby Mr Burke, to overturn the declarations? If the answer is no, please be aware I will contact the Coalition candidate to campaign against you, at the next elections.


Don’t be nervous about going in hard like this. Like with the Rock Itt magazine issue, the fight against the mako fishing ban, the overturning of the ban on angling at Fish Rock, it is only by making a noise that we will have an effect. That’s why the greenies are so successful against us, even though we outnumber them by a factor of ten to one.




Thanks yet again to all those who have sent in pics and reports and please – don’t stop! Until next week,


Andrew Hestelow

Managing Director