30th January 2017

Tackle specials and angling politics

from Downrigger Shop

Blue water surging down the east coast meaning mucho offshore action – if the winds let you get out there. Gun fisho Mitchell Reeves on top of things at Coffs Harbour:



Good day at Coffs .. we got a bull each



Don Cummings in Coffs Harbour reporting downrigger success. That’s a beautiful mahi:



Hi Andrew, first fish taken on the Down Rigger you sent me a couple of weeks ago.. works a dream very nice piece of kit. Here's a pic hope you enjoy. (I was fishing solo so quality isn't that great)


Matt Loraway, you legend you! Closer to home, that’s good news:



Subject: Rodeo open

Andy the Bulls are back in town

Off botany in 130 m a few days ago


Dan Anderson from Penrith Panthers FC pins a good one:



Gday Andy, Got this fella up at Port Mac in no mans land, also got his girlfriend on a double hook up.... On our way back in from trolling for a marlin we seen a few blokes spearing at the fad, he said there were 100s there in good size, he had a bull a bit smaller.


And then backs up with his mates. Mahi for all:



G’day Andy, braved the wind and went wide (yesterday) out of port Stephens. Water was green all the way to the Shelf. Just over was a cracking 26 degrees and blue water. Found a big school of dollies with birds working. We took these three and threw a heap back around the same size.


Excellent. Last but by no means least, Chris Gibbons with a 12 kilo Kiama mahi. Thanks to Mark Way:



Inshore news? Not so much. Sydney fishos tell me school kingfish back at The Cut again. The fun you can have when that happens surpasses all understanding. Kevin Olsen and Greg on top of it, of course:



Luke DeSylva sends a cracker pic. Kingfish, downrigger and facial hair all five star quality:



Getting so much intel from readers, clients and friends about the way mackerel season is heating up fast on the north coast and in SEQ! Here’s a great report from Glen Cadoo:



Hi Andy. Took the neighbour David Sproules out for a run in (Moreton) bay looking for a spanish and bugga me we got him. Still having a debate on who caught him. After all, as im sure you would agree, its one thing to hook a fish and bring him to the boat but its another, to put the skill and knowledge into action to actually gaff him him and pull him into the boat. And thats where I come in. All jokes aside, Daves first spanish and a nice one at that. All the best Glen


Hot sesh for Michael Frith and family in SEQ. Word prediction software on Mike’s device a bit glitchy:



hey guys thought i would take the kids out to get some flattys , and did we have a good day got one just over 80 Tamekas and another over 60 Braydens also managed one the day before going 1040 released as well to live another day cheers both released


So much good fishing happening! Although I gotta admit, bad weather has been relentless here in Sydney.


To tackle, and Roge Kila picked up one of our $170 Tournament 802 popping and stickbaiting rods before heading north on a big trip. That was a good move:



Hi Andrew, thought I might drop you a couple of pix. I paired the rod with a Daiwa BG5000 reel spooled with 40 lb Powerpro. The outfit was fantastic for light tackle popping/stickbaiting and trolling between spots.



I've included a couple of pix of GT, Jobfish, and Spanish mackerel to name a few... The rod performed beautifully on the line burning runs by GT's and spaniards. Highly recommended. cheers, Roge



Super glad the rod delivered for you Roge and even more grateful you sent these killer pics! Specs and pricing on the rod here:


Aaron Fielder in the NT pleased with his new combo:



Hey Andrew, finally got to give that micro jig rod a go, had no worries with this goldie offshore from Darwin


To boating, and this Bar crusher centre console spotted at Appletree Bay in Sydney. The owner justifiably proud of his beautiful set up:



Richard Jamieson chasing kingfish in Middle Harbour. What a top setup:



I’ve finally got the folding boat sorted and on a trailer. First trip away was to Glenbawn Dam, chasing bass:



News of the Weird and this is pretty gross. I do have some reservations about posting it! But sometimes a shock is needed to remind us about the importance of being careful:



Spear fishing accident in Araguari, Brasil - Illegal spearfishing with his best mate at the base of a dam.


UP SCOPE! Submarine spotted. Out the front of Le Montage wedding venue at Leichhardt in Sydney. Dan Abadir writes:



Today on a little walk around the bay i came across a very nice boat that looks like its just gone under. Yet another bites the dust.


Some cute little spud having fun, way back when. Imagine the mass triggering of snowflakes,  if this happened now! There’d be a candlelit vigil with teddy bears and tealights at the end of Hale Street. NSW Fisheries Minister Niall Blair would visit to lay a wreath and wipe away a tear, on camera. Thanks to Dan Abadir:



Jay Barker back from a trip to Norfolk Island. Putting our 250 gram jigs to good use:



Recently returned from a week in Norfolk, had some great fishing … Scotty was very impressed with one of your jigs, caught that many kings that the holo tape is almost completely gone and lost a few assist hooks to sharks but still going strong.


To points south, and hardcore fisho (who I’m proud to call a friend) Andrew Westlake, chasing bluefin down south Saturday 28th January:



Hey Andrew, got into the early tuna off Port Fairy yesterday. We managed five fish up to 25kg. Great day out.



Australia Day, and Rod and Christine Baker blasting up the Harbour on the way to a flyfishing session. Excellent!



JOHN KLAPSIS! Congratulations on your Australia Day marlin off Sydney, champion:



Nothing much to report personally. I’ve been super busy on a new project over January and, between that and rotten weather offshore, have been pretty much restricted to a few runs in nearby Cowan Creek. Friend Dean showed me how to chase bream on lures:



And it’s pretty addictive. Here’s my PB, on Australia Day:



To politics, and here in NSW we’re dealing with the state government’s latest assault on traditional rights. In 2016 they introduced a ban on parking large size boat trailers in suburban streets. Not horse floats. Not car trailers. Not caravans. The bias is blatant. Asked to comment by a reporter from the local Hornsby Advocate newspaper:



Harold Scruby (mentioned in the article) is a notorious fusspot busybody who I thought had thankfully disappeared from Sydney’s body politic. But under our politically correct state government, wankers like this have a new lease of life. Easy on the Lady Clairol, Harry:



Needless to say mini Scrubys are on the increase in Sydney. Mediocrities who could never win respect in the real world but are empowered by the Liberal government’s attitude that more regulations, fines, speed cameras are the answer to every problem imaginable. And if those don’t fix the problem, at least you’ll score big bucks:



The Scrubies are now:


Trying to ban kids in boats on Narrabeen Lakes:


Slashing the shark nets which have kept Sydney beaches fatality free for 50+ years:


And of course, vandalizing boat trailers parked in suburban streets:



What can be done, to get these Liberal – National parasites of our backs? I’m finding comfort in painting:



But as always, the answer is political. Two Sydney by elections coming up being Manly, and North Shore. Ground Zero for soy lattes and kale bischotti, but some real Australians live there too. Fishos. Boatowners. Do you know any in those electorates? If yes, consider onforwarding this email. My guess is there will be several parties sympathetic to outdoor recreation standing in these two elections. A protest vote for those alternatives will send a message to the Libs and Nats that we want them off our backs. Because it’s only gonna get worse. In closing, thanks as always to our many many readers and contributors. Deeply grateful for the time you spare to send pics and reports, and so are our four thousand readers. Until next time,


Andrew Hestelow

Managing Director