We love our light jigging on the Carolyn Jane. And if the kings are small we just gear down the tackle to 6 or even 3 kilos because fighting them on regular jig gear is no fun at all. But it can be a challenge at the Artificial Reef, keeping kingfish from cutting you off when you’re using gear designed for trout and squid:



Plus our light combo works great with micro jigs around 40-50 grams, but is too soft for the 100 gram jigs Peak and Coolooli kingies love:



So when last year some of the crew started bringing their new Gomokus aboard I thought I’d found the answer. One change needed – slightly larger guides, so the braid to leader knot didn’t hang up on the way through. It won’t do that with a nice FG knot anyway but its not always possible to tie a perfectly neat knot in the offshore slop anyway. So I got in touch with my Man in Bangkok who found the perfect stick in both overhead:




And spinning configuration. That’s the Gomoku underneath:



Rated to 30-pound line, just perfect for light inshore jigging and many other applications. 6 feet 6 inches, ideal length. 170grams, like a feather in your hand. Rated to 110 gram jigs. Copy – not genuine – Fuji Ks series guides. These are just sensational on a light stick because the frame has a springy suspension effect, meaning they can soak up heavy loads while still being light and small. Split butt with gold trim, it’s always nice to have a good looking rod. Only downside, it was a one piece. Not so good for a big country like Australia where long rods can only be sent by courier meaning expensive delivery. Anyway, they sold out so fast I had to decide whether to order some from our main rod supplier – who has a minimum order quantity of two hundred rods. That’s a lot, but we had some other rod orders to place so he okayed making just one hundred, as part of a larger order. Just one modification required – a foregrip join, meaning the rod would be two piece, enabling cheap delivery by Australia Post. They arrived in our sea shipment recently and when we unpacked it they looked fantastic. But looks and performance are two very different things. For the first trip I matched it with the Seagate 3500H Light and 250 gram jigs, way over the rated weight. But given the seas were pretty lumpy that day – with a short steep chop making reversing the boat a nightmare – I needed to get to the strike zone fast. That worked:



For the next trip I fitted our FE8000SW reel. That one is spooled with 220m of 30-pound colour change braid, is light at only 540 grams, has carbontex drags and is a pretty good match for the light jig rod. Out to Twelve Mile reef, tied a one hundred gram jig onto the braid and sent it down to the bottom, 105 metres below. For the first twenty lifts and winds nothing happened and, looking at a bloke bent over a heavily loaded rod on a nearby boat I was thinking, ‘why me?’ Then, WHACK, kingfish on:




 So good to fish with this light comfortable gear which makes jigging a real pleasure, rather than a strain. A legal 70cm, enjoyed every minute of the fight like I always do:



The next one, I passed the rod over to crewman, Franky.  He’s a rock fishing addict who uses all kinds of unusual tackle and techniques successfully around the Sydney platforms. In this case he used the gear to great effect, and brought a 65 aboard after a short intense fight. Note the way the whole rod – even including the split butt – is soaking up the load. That’s what you want with any rod:


This is a great combo. If you want to go down a size and make your jigging way more comfortable, please put it on the ‘consideration’ list? I’ll go on record as saying that, in a couple of months, inshore reefs and wrecks like the Coolooli, the Peak, the Annie Miller and the Artificial will be swarming with kingies these size. They love 100gram jigs and this size rod is ideal for that weight. And on calm days you can use it at the Twelve or Texas because the smaller diameter braid doesn’t offer so much sink resistance, meaning the jig doesn’t take much longer to get down than a 250 gram on 50-pound braid.


Best of all, because we ordered so many, the price is really good.

Would you believe $195 for rod reel and line, spooled with 30-pound colour change braid?

Will even throw in a 100gram jig, to get you started.

Delivery’s cheap because we can send by mail.


 Send me an email if you  have any queries whatsoever,