As our regular fishing report readers know, my boat was out of commission for much of winter. Thankfully, friends and clients kindly invited me aboard their boats for trips both here in Sydney, and up the coast. I really enjoyed the change and learnt a lot, from watching the way other fishos operate.


Because it was winter there were quite a few trips to Cowan Creek chasing hairtail. This fishing is done at night, and I noted that a few boat owners were worried about the deck lights draining their batteries. More recently, as the water has warmed up, kingfish have come on the bite in Middle Harbour. But it’s essential to have squid, for bait. As Matt Reid from Raptor Charters told me at the start of October:



Spent Sunday in the Harbour with some strong wind and dirty water which made getting Squid very hard. With the squid we did get, we turned every one of them into some nice Sydney Harbour Kings.



Squid are an essential requirement for kingfish results in spring or late autumn, and if you can launch your boat in the dark a light mounted over the water can mean the difference between success or failure.


So I got excited when one of our best suppliers offered us a high quality well priced low current draw LED light, with a suction base:





- a T6 Cree (the Rolls Royce of LEDs) 10-watt LED,

- a powerful lever suction base,

- and a 2.8 metre lead.

- The swivel head and lever are made from stainless steel so, corrosion’s not a concern.

- It has a wide beam, 4 metre diameter at 3 metres from the lens

- and the LED is rated for 50,000 hours so no bulb will ever need replacing.


Ideal as a deck light,

just clamp it on to any smooth surface


Or attach to the boat transom:



The low current draw means you don’t have to worry about flattening the batteries.

But this little work light has applications beyond the boat


At just 16x10x10cm and 600 grams,

it fits in the car glove box.


Meaning it can be used, when changing a tyre:


When checking the engine, or car battery leads:


Or something really handy, finding house street numbers.

Just clamp it onto the car roof and away you go:




Price per light plus postage, $65.00

Twelve months warranty.


Call or email if you’d like to place an order?

Thanks for reading!



So it shines down into the water as a squid attractor: