Adding a QD BASE to your downrigger means you can install and remove it from your boat, quickly and easily.

No tools are required. A simple pull of the knob unlocks the top half of the base from the bottom. Then, simply slide the equipment towards you, releasing it from the bracket.

Re-installing is even easier, just set your equipment on to the "T" track and push forward until you hear the lock click into place. Our base offers a three sided “T” to eliminate accidental loss of your equipment do to pull pin failure.

When mounted correctly, your equipment can only be installed or removed from inside the boat, eliminating accidental loss of expensive fishing equipment by inexperienced operators.

With Vectors the problem of where and how to store downriggers is over. You don't have to lay your downrigger on the cabin bunks, or floor. Vector downriggers have a swivel boom which locks into place vertically. Once that is done, the footprint of the base and motor is only 34 x 20 cm. Find a space of that size in the cabin (either on the floor, or ceiling) and install one-half of one of our QD bases. Then, you simply remove your downrigger from the transom, carry it into the cabin, and slide it into the base. Your downrigger will be secured and out of the way, until you next need it.